The Soldier

This is another episode in the series about the Pilgrim and his encounters with people in need. This deals with a soldier, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and unable to hold down a job, reaching rock bottom when he is surprised during a break-in and robbery at an old man’s house, and he murders the old man.

In despair and contemplating suicide, he is met by the banks of the river by the Pilgrim, who quickly discerns that he is a man in great anguish and need. Through the course of a discussion, the Pilgrim (played superbly by Robin Ingram) is able to lead the soldier back to a place where he can face the consequences of his actions, ask for forgiveness at the confessional, and ultimately to hand himself over to the police.

It’s an interesting film in that it required quite an atonal musical response – the story is quite shocking, and even the ending is bittersweet. Yet, rather as the soldier himself discovers, there is still hope.