On The Way

On The Way is an album which explores the experiences of the people who came into contact with Jesus Christ. Some of them adored Him, others were bemused, others hated what He said.

These songs have been written over some years. People often ask what comes first – the lyrics or the music, and the answer is… there is no answer. Sometimes it is one way, sometimes the other, and sometimes, just sometimes, they come together at the same time. But as with anything, the creation of a song is a process of editing and refining – often what is left is not much like what you started with!

  1. Just An Ordinary Night – the Innkeeper who gave a young couple some space in his stable, so that she could give birth safely.
  2. What the Shepherd Saw – the shepherd describes how he was met by angels whilst watching his sheep.
  3. Now You’ve Come at Last – An old priest, Simeon, reflects on his long life and the coming of the promised Messiah.
  4. The Potter in the Hands of the Clay – Joseph, the foster-father, sings of his mixed feelings at being asked to bring up a child who is so much greater than he is.
  5. An End to all our Fear – the wisemen journey many long miles to see an end to fear.
  6. Galilee – Peter sings of his life as a fisherman, and his calling to follow Jesus.
  7. Are You the One – John the Baptist pines in prison, and is beset by doubts as to whether Jesus is indeed the promised one.
  8. Zaccheus – the diminutive tax collector climbs a tree to catch a sight of Jesus, and gets more than he bargains for.
  9. Song of a Blindman – The Blindman describes the day he met Jesus, and how he regained his sight.
  10. Lazarus – Martha the sister of Lazarus describes to her brother the experience of seeing Jesus bring Lazarus back to life.
  11. Gethsemane – Peter’s despair that he ran away when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus in the Garden.
  12. A Dream of a Carpenter – The wife of the Roman governor describes a dream she had of a carpenter, crucified between the door-posts he himself had made.
  13. The Eagle and the Dove – Barrabas, a freedom fighter, has been released, and Jesus has gone to his death. “How can a man like Jesus be more dangerous than I?”
  14. The Man That Died – Simon of Cyrene is forced to carry the cross of a man to his execution.
  15. The Dark Night of the Soul – Mary, the mother of Jesus, mourns for her son.
  16. The Dying of the Day – Cleophas describes meeting a stranger on the road to Emmaus. As they break bread together, he recognises the man as Jesus, risen from the dead.