Music For Weddings

Over the years I have been commissioned to compose wedding recessionals and songs for a number of friends on the occasion of their nuptials. It’s always been a huge honour to do so.

I composed the first when I was 22, and the most recent was 4 years ago. They are arranged in chronological order in the playlist. I have since orchestrated them (they were originally written just for organ, or in the case of “Recessional for P and S”, for both organ and piano.

The two songs, “On Love” and “The Heart of All You Do”, were songs which I composed and sung for different friends at their weddings. “On Love” is based on the writings of Kahlil Gibran on the subject, and “The Heart of All You Do” is based on a number of Celtic Benedictions.

If you’d like a wedding piece composed for your wedding, get in touch!