Some years ago I composed this setting of the Gloria for choir and orchestra. It is presented in three movements, and is here “performed” using the EW Symphonic Choirs – this is a clever VST into which you can type in the sounds you want the choir to sing and it sings it.

It’s not the same as a live choir of course, but gives an idea of what it might sound like. It doesn’t for example deal very well with legato.

However, until the day this receives it’s first proper performance, i hope this will give you an idea of its scope.

The first movement is a declaration of a powerful theme first heard in the choir and brass, and treated to a number of different instrumental mixtures through the movement.

The second, slow movement is based around the words about Agnus Dei, the Lamb of God. Ideally, it should be sung by a soprano, but here you get me.

The final movement is a lively 7/8 piece which is based around the words Cum Sancto Spiritu. At the end, a final iteration of the first theme from the first movement is heard, bringing the piece to a dazzling finish.