The Moons of Jupiter

In 2020 I had the slightly mad idea to compose music for each of the moons of Jupiter. I’m not sure I realised quite how many there are! However, this is a long-term evolving project to which I will add as time goes on. I’m quite sure I will not write a piece for every single moon of Jupiter – at the last count there were 79, although only 53 of those officially have names.

The pieces I have written and will go on to write are not in any sense programmatic – in other words, I am not trying to capture the essence of what each moon is like, and I’m certainly not relating the pieces to the Greek and Roman mythology after which the moons are named. After all, most of the moons are named after the unfortunate maidens (and, in the case of Ganymede, the young man) whom Jupiter or Zeus took a fancy to and had his wicked way with. Seventy-nine pieces of music on that recurring theme might grow monotonous.

Here, then are the moons for whom I have composed pieces for thus far.