Hope Rising

Hope Rising was composed for Easter 2008, and then performed a second time the following year, with some updates to the songs. This is the version which was recorded, by the Churches of Canley Choir in 2009.

It follows the last days of Jesus’ life on earth, before his crucifixion. Ultimately of course it is a message of great hope.

I returned to the original recordings and worked with creating vocal stems (which didn’t exist in the original recordings as the choir recorded to a backing track) in order to create this remastered version.

  1. Introduction and Hosanna – It’s Palm Sunday and the crowd is excited!
  2. Just say the word – “We’ll be there right behind you – we’ll fight for you, Lord”
  3. A Grain of Wheat Jesus solo, sung by Adam
  4. If They’d Only Known Narrator – Helen Tucker
  5. Nothing in the world – Song of Mary of Bethany when she breaks the jar of perfume at Jesus’ feet. Solo sung by Karen Curran
  6. The Last Supper – Solo sung by Adam as Jesus
  7. One of you – One of you will betray me – solo sung by Adam
  8. So they went out – Narration, sung by Helen Tucker
  9. The night has come Jesus – solo sung by Adam
  10. The Arrest, Gethsemane – Judas sung by Tom Oliver, Peter sung by Jon Rogers
  11. Peter’s denial, Take Him to Pilate – solo by Jon Rogers, Maid sung by Barbara Preston, Narration – Helen Tucker
  12. What shall I do with Jesus Pilate sung by Doug Field
  13. The Dark Night of the Soul – Song of Mary, mother of Jesus
  14. The Road to the Cross
  15. The Man Who Died – Solo by Simon of Cyrene, sung by Terence Hillyer
  16. It Is Finished – Jesus (sung by Adam)
  17. Sunday Morning
  18. He’s alive
  19. My Lord and my God – solos by Jon Rogers, Helen tucker, and Adam Tucker