Assorted Themes

These are a selection of stand-alone themes and pieces I have written over some years, often inspired by a film or a TV program.

  1. Oversized – could be the main title theme for a monster movie like King Kong
  2. A Taste for Blood – Have you heard of Dracula?
  3. Streets of LA – an action piece to accompany a car chase through busy streets. This was actually written as my entry to a competition in which I scored a scene from the TV series “Westworld” – watch the scene with my music below.
  4. They Came From Mars – a throwback to the themes from the B movies of the 50s and 60s
  5. Asteroid Field – Another action piece, this time to accompany a spaceship weaving its way through a treacherous asteroid field.
  6. Out of Egypt – could be the main theme for a program on Ancient Egypt
  7. It Came from Black Lake – The name says it all
  8. Paranormal – almost like a lullaby – but don’t go to sleep!
  9. Rain on a Sunny Day – this is England after all.
  10. Theme from One Woman and Her Dog – the theme I wrote for the Farming Press program featuring Katy Cropper
  11. Theme from the Beth Chatto Gardens – the theme to Farming Press’s video about the gardens created by Beth Chatto
  12. End Titles from One Woman and her Dog – the end titles to the program about Katy Cropper
  13. Thunderous Applause
  14. Spring – the music I wrote for the Cuetube competition, which involved writing a score to a short animation. The video with score is linked below.