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Music For Television

Since 2016 I have worked with EWTN, the Catholic Global Network, to compose music for 6 programmes, with a seventh Television film in the process of being written. On this page you will find samples from those soundtracks and scores, as well as some older work for Television.

The Message of Fatima

This was the first TV series I composed music for, a docudrama based on the visions of the Virgin Mary seen by three young children in Portugal in 1917.

The Hidden Shrine

The second Program I composed for, this is a ghost story set in Victorian times about a mother’s love for her son and his eventual redemption.

The Reformation

This was the third program, an extended series detailing the history of the Christian Church through the years of the Reformation.

An Answered Prayer

Another TV film followed, this about a woman lost in her bitter memories of past hurt, finding her way back to forgiveness and peace.

The Soldier

This was a TV film about the shocking murder of an old man by an ex- soldier suffering from PTSD. Again, it is the story of a journey from the dark to the light.

Speak of the Devil

This is a wonderful retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, dealing with the crucial theme of Spiritual Warfare, with fascinating insights shared by eminent theologians.

However, my first foray into writing for video and film was in 1997, when I composed music for the Farming Press videos, “The Beth Chatto Gardens”, and “One Woman and her Dog”.

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EWTN’s “The Message of Lourdes”

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