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ART NEWS – November 2022

It’s been a busy year as an artist, taking part in two exhibitions. In the last two months, I’ve rested a little from creating any new art pieces, apart from a winter scene which I painted for inclusion in my 2023 calendar (which is available to buy here). I am however painting a couple of commissions before Christmas, and if you would like a special something for a special someone this Christmas, I may still be able to fit you in – so do contact me.

I’m still running my art classes, and at present my co-learners and I are working on some watercolour skills.

One new thing which I’m taking part in is speaking at local art groups – I’ve been contacted by the Baginton Art Group and the Rugby Art Group to speak and do a demonstration over the next couple of months – should be a blast!

MUSIC NEWS – November 2022

I’ve now completed the score to the next TV film, this one entitled “The Message of Lourdes”. It’s once again directed by Stefano Mazzeo, and traces the story of St Bernadette of Lourdes, who saw a number of visions of the Virgin Mary in 1858. It had an extremely quick turnaround due to delays of one kind or another, and I ended up having to score the entire 1.5 hours film in about a week. Mind you, I always say I need a good strong deadline!

In September I also composed the music for another EWTN TV film, this one entitled “The Passion of St Edward Campion”. It was a beautiful project to work on in many ways, and required a mixture of harpsichord music and Big orchestral stuff invoking the sound palette of Beethoven. I hope to be posting excerpts very soon.

I’m continuing to work too on my series of cosmically-inspired orchestral pieces based around the theme of the Moons of Jupiter. These are not supposed to be programmatic in any way, but are more an avenue for me to explore my love of all things spacey!

In addition, I’m working on a couple of new albums of songs, one which takes Biblical quotes and puts them to music, and the other which expresses some of my often quite tangled thoughts on faith and life.

Finally, I’m working on a remastered recording of my Easter musical, Hope Rising, using the original “Cast recording” but layering in new instrumental layers to give it a fresher sound.

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