Breathing Life into a painting

The painting on the left is how the painting on the right started life. It was painted from a source photo which was taken on a drab dull day, but I loved the scene. So i painted it, but I never felt that it worked. It was just too… well, drab and dull.

But then whilst organising my photos on my PC, I discovered that I’d taken another photo on another day at exactly the same spot. but this one was full of vibrance and light. And hey presto, the painting came to life! Generally, I don’t like to fiddle with work once it’s finished, (I’m not George Lucas!) but in this case, I’m so glad that I did. It’s now one of my very favourite pieces, and it was snapped up very quickly by some very pleased customers.

The sunlight not only illuminates the highlights of the scene, but the shadows are themselves given a beautiful glow by the light reflected off the surfaces. Isn’t light a wonderful thing?!

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