Art in a Time of Pandemic

It’s been hard for creatives this year. It’s been hard for everyone. But for the many many people who depend on selling artwork, or creating live performances, it’s been really hard. In the past few years, I’ve used Open Studios as the main forum for selling my original paintings. Where I would normally sell 30 original paintings, this year I’ve sold one.

I’m not complaining – the present situation has hit everyone hard. And I am so very thankful that I don’t depend solely on selling paintings. If I did, I’d be sleeping on the streets. I’m grateful that I have other work in music education. But there has had to be a certain amount of belt-tightening.

But on the other hand, the enforced lockdown has been really good for my artistic soul. It’s given me a chance to slow down, to appreciate again the beauty of a garden, the wonder of creation. It’s given me head-space to write, to create, to make music. Sure, my period of creativity hasn’t necessarily reached a huge audience this year, but it’s been good for me to take time out of the hectic pace of normal modern living. And I’ve loved it.

So art in a time of pandemic is not all about loss, and woe. Actually, for me, it’s often reflected my rediscovery of nature. And for that, I am, in a strange way, thankful.

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