Some New Work to Share

After spending the first half of this year predominantly working on musical projects, either for EWTN TV or for myself, it’s time to spend some time on some painting. I’ve continued to paint the odd little picture when I’m teaching my art classes, and I’ll share one with you later in this post.

But first of all, here’s a painting I started and finished today. It’s gouache on paper, the first time I’ve returned to that medium in some years. I’d forgotten how lovely it is as a medium. It’s got the flair of watercolour, but the thickness of acrylic paint, but because the surface is paper and not canvas, a high level of detail can be achieved without spending hours as it would if it were acrylic paint on canvas. Perhaps acrylic paint on board might be the nearest thing to it.

And here’s one which I painted alongside my star student, (whose own version of the scene (photographed by her) now graces her lounge wall). This is a watercolour with a tiny amount of white gouache added to the water surface.

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