Anyone can learn Art

I’m sure many people would disagree with me on this statement. They might see themselves as not owning a single artistic bone in their body. But I truly believe that anyone can learn to draw, and to paint.

However, just as some athletic sorts will always have a head-start on us lesser mortals, I do believe that some people are born with an innate talent, a head-start if you like. I do a HIIT workout every weekday, but I’m never going to be Mo Farah.

Now don’t get me wrong, even for someone like Mo, a lot of work has gone into getting him where he is now. Countless hours of training and some aspect of self denial has built him into the immensely fast athlete that he is today. And you mustn’t think that art is any different. If you want to learn any skill, even if you have a so-called head-start, you will need to practise. When I was young, I was always drawing. As a musician, I was always playing the piano, and creating my own little ditties and tunes. It’s important to foster these skills in our young people, to take away their phones from time to time to give them the space to discover what they are good at.

However, back to my first statement. Drawing, and painting, and learning to mix colours – these are all skills which we can learn. (By the way, that last one is something I still struggle with!) How to compose a picture so everything looks as if it is in the perfect place – it’s all a matter of training the eye. And these are skills which can be developed. I’m still developing them, after years of creating artwork.

So to cut a long story short, I’m offering art sessions, in which I can work one to one or in a small group setting to teach some of these skills. I’m offering three basic starter packages at the moment, although this may well expand. The details are found on my workshop page. But in short, I’m offering a drawing package, which can be tailored to your own level of expertise, a watercolour package, and finally a painting on canvas package. At the end of a three hour package, you will have a finished piece to take home, but most importantly, you will have learned skills which you can then apply to new artwork at home.

Please do contact me if you have any questions. The workshops can be fitted in around your schedule, including your choice as to whether to undertake them in one three hour session, or in two 1.5 hour sessions. They can also be purchased as a gift for someone special.

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