Fun Facts About Me as an Artist

I thought I’d share 5 fun facts about me today:

1. I never have a cup of coffee near when I’m painting. Artists will understand! Ask me if you want to know why.

2. I have these ridiculous glasses (basically magnifying glasses attached to a head clamp) which I wear when doing really detailed work. I look like a mad professor!

3. I put on weight when I’m painting, as I need to have regular breaks, and end up raiding the kitchen.

4. Most paintings have a process made up of phases or stages –
i) Oh Lord a white canvas! I’m terrified!
ii) This is great. Going well. I can see what’s it’s supposed to be even if to others it looks as if the dog’s been sick.
iii) Why Oh Why did I ever start this? I’m never going to see the end. I’ll be dead long before.
iv) Almost there! Yay! I’m the king of the world!
v) I just need to redo that little bit… and oh that whole section needs blitzing… and…
vi) OK I need to stop. It’s time to sell my baby. Sob.

5. Isn’t that enough fun facts for you?

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